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Workshop on Attacks and Solutions in Hardware Security (ASHES) 2023
Denmark | Copenhagen
November 30, 2023
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ASHES is concerned with all areas of hardware security and encourage contributions in this field, whether practical, implementation-related, or theoretical. ASHES invite interesting developing methodologies and application areas in addition to established hardware subjects. On the methodological side, this encompasses new attack vectors, novel designs and materials, lightweight security primitives, nanotechnology, and PUFs, as well as the Internet of things, automobile security, smart homes, and pervasive and wearable computing on the applications side. For further information, please visit their call for papers.

ASHES host four types of papers to meet the needs of its rapidly developing areas: traditional full and short papers, systematization of knowledge papers (which overview, structure, and/or categorize a specific subarea), and wild and crazy papers (whose purpose is rapid dissemination of promising, potentially game-changing new ideas without full demonstration).

All accepted ASHES papers are invited to submit longer versions to a special ASHES issue published annually by Springer in the Journal of Cryptographic Engineering (JCEN). Again, the details are in their call for papers. The program will also feature two keynote speakers, Ravikanth Pappu (previously MIT/Apeiron Labs) and Claire Vishik (Intel).

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