Avenue Code Security Conference

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Avenue Code is a global consulting organization that specializes in digital solutions for industries such as retail, media, entertainment, and health sciences. The company creates custom software and offers consulting services such as strategic planning and workshop facilitation. Avenue Code has grown to become one of the premier consulting organizations in the Americas since its inception in 2010, serving over 200 clients in over 20 countries.

Avenue Code has been a firm believer in the potential of cooperation and knowledge-sharing since its inception. To that purpose, the organization sponsors several technology, innovation, and digital transformation-related events and conferences. Avenue Code has previously organized notable events and seminars like as the “Technology Conference for Business and Technology Leaders,” which was held in So Paulo in 2016 and featured courses on software development, digital strategy, and leadership. Avenue Code also held “Innovating for the Future of Technology,” a series of seminars that began in Atlanta and toured numerous locations around the United States, including Dallas, Miami, and New York.

Avenue Code hosted the “Rise of the Cloud” executive summit in Miami in 2017. The two-day event, co-hosted by Dell EMC, focused on digital transformation, cloud computing, and the strategic implications of emerging technologies. Jeff Garzik, a blockchain entrepreneur and White House advisor, and John Weis, Dell EMC’s executive director of cloud delivery, were among the keynote speakers.

Avenue Code hosted the “Leaders in Transformational Technology” symposium in Las Vegas the following year. The theme of the program was digital transformation, with topics ranging from cloud architecture to big data analytics and data security. According to Reuben Pitts, founding partner at Avenue Code, more than 600 technology executives attended the summit. Phil Gilbert, general manager of IBM’s Design Thinking business, and David Tsao, founder and CEO of digital firm Reinvent Ventures, were among the keynote speakers.

In addition to these larger-scale events, Avenue Code hosts monthly workshops, seminars, and webinars on a variety of digital transformation subjects. The “Innovation Series” lecture series of the organization provides specialized events customized to the demands of industry specialists, spanning from web development to artificial intelligence.

Avenue Code has established itself as a pioneer in the field of digital transformation by sponsoring several events that bring together industry leaders to share knowledge and expertise. The organization’s dedication to disseminating the most recent knowledge, methods, and innovations is obvious in the variety of programs and seminars it offers to professionals all around the world.