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All events and webinars submitted by Banyan Security will be streamed into this page (dependent on their submissions). This event they’ve organized relates to the concept of Zero Trust.

The zero-trust security paradigm, also known as perimeter-less security, is a method of designing and implementing computer systems. The basic idea behind zero trust is “never trust, always verify,” which indicates that devices should not be trusted by default, even if they are linked to a controlled corporate network like the corporate LAN and have been confirmed earlier.

Corporate networks in most modern organizational contexts are made up of multiple linked segments, cloud-based services and infrastructure, links to distant and mobile environments, and a rising number of connections to non-traditional IT, such as IoT devices. In such very diversified and scattered contexts, the once-traditional strategy of trusting devices within a notional corporate perimeter, or devices linked to it via a VPN, makes little sense. Instead, the zero-trust approach promotes mutual authentication, which includes checking the identity and integrity of devices regardless of their location, and granting access to applications and services based on the confidence of device identity and device health combined with user authentication.

Today, zero trust is all the rage, but it can be difficult to sort through the hype to determine what it really means or how to implement a zero-trust security architecture in your firm. It’s vital to understand how zero trust security can give your employees a better and more secure remote access experience. Then, using your current single sign-on, device management, endpoint security, network access, and other corporate security solutions, you can create a zero-trust architecture. You may discover gaps in your tooling and assess commercial and open-source solutions that can help you achieve your zero trust campaign provided you have a defined architecture and end-user experience in mind.

Building Your IT/Security Career by Taking Risks

IT and security professionals are frequently focused on reducing risk. However, as a professional route, you might want to embrace it.

Join their panel of successful IT and Security professionals that have made taking risks a part of their jobs. Sarah (referenced below) created her own cybersecurity company, Chase left the analyst community for the private sector, Mike went from a startup to a Fortune 100 company, and Den left big business to work for a startup. Learn how these leaders went about advancing their careers in unconventional ways, and how you may do the same.

Viewers will takeaway:

  • An understanding of why advancing your career is not at odds with advancing the goals of the business
  • Why focusing on business outcomes is critical – even when you are a technology/security practitioner
  • The importance of using technology you already own to achieve outcomes (vs. buying a shiny new object)


Banyan Security Events in 2022 - 2023

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Getting Started with Zero Trust Security
United States | California, San Francisco
February 18, 2022

Building Your IT/Security Career by Taking Risks
United States | Colorado, Denver
March 17, 2022