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Cloud Builders Community Events in 2022 - 2023

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Cloud Builders: Java Conf 2022
Ukraine | Kyiv
August 23, 2022

Cloud Builders: Java Conf 2023
Ukraine | Odesa
March 30, 2023

Cloud Builders: Java Conf 2023
Ukraine | Kyiv
November 30, 2023

More Information On Their Events

The organizers will hold a free online conference called Cloud Builders: Java Conf on August 23 that is dev-friendly and will this time concentrate on Java.

Meet leading professionals from Oracle, Microsoft, Red Hat, Ambassador Labs, Azul Systems, VMware Tanzu, Hazelcast, and many other companies when you join them.

They will discuss Project Loom, Apache Pulsar, Superfast JVM startup, The World of Java Optimisation, Kube-native development techniques with Quarkus, Deploying to the cloud using GitHub Actions, Delightful integration tests with test containers, and Superfast JVM startup.

Cloud Builders: Java Conf 2023

You are cordially invited to attend Cloud Builders: Java Conf in Ukraine on March 30. This event will feature prominent Java & Cloud speakers from companies such as Microsoft, Nortal, and DataStax.

Attend Java Conf to gain insight into how other developers are resolving issues with Apache Pulsar and Spring, as well as to examine the “Hidden Gems” of Java 20.

The Cloud Builders track at Java Conf 2023 featured presentations from over a dozen of the industry’s most renowned Java and Cloud experts, including Adam Bien, Mark Heckler, Mohamed Taman, Mary Grygleski, Rory Preddy, and Monica Beckwith, amongst others.

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