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Cnxtd (“Connected”) Event Media Corp. is the company that is responsible for producing the International Conference on the EU Cybersecurity Act. The International Cryptographic Module Conference, the International Common Criteria Conference, the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Conference, the CMMC Conference, and the IoT Payments Conference are all produced by Cnxtd, a leading producer of international conferences for the global standards community.

International Conference on EU Cybersecurity Act 2022

The International Conference on the EU Cybersecurity Act in 2022 was created to assist the standards community in preparing for the emergence of risk-based frameworks aimed at addressing market fragmentation in the EU.

As part of the “single digital market” ambition, the EU Cybersecurity Act, which is still in its early stages of preparation, would eventually create a wide-ranging, autonomous European body of cybersecurity legislation. This historic regulatory mandate will have far-reaching implications for the worldwide standards community; now is the moment to start anticipating and engaging in continuing developments.

The European Cybersecurity Certification Framework for ICT Products, Services, and Processes will be established by the Cybersecurity Act. Current schemes may be absorbed into the new framework, or they may need to modify to accommodate regulatory changes. The conference will discuss the implications for current schemes and regulatory obligations, as well as new prospective candidate schemes for major industry verticals including IoT, cloud, communications, payments, automobiles, and more. 5G Standards, IoT Schemes, AI, Industrial Automation Control Systems (IACS), ETSI EN 303645, CEN/CENELEC JTC13 WG3, EUCC, Union Rolling Work Programme (URWP), NIS Directive, Cloud Standards, Lightweight Standards, IACS, SESIP, Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL), and Global Platform are some of the topics covered.

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International Conference on EU Cybersecurity Act 2022
Belgium | Brussels
May 24, 2022