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Corinium Global Intelligence

Corinium is a market intelligence, advice, and events firm that specializes in the financial services (FinTech) industry.

They provide C-Suite executives with in-depth business information, guidance, and tools. They also link their clients and customers with prominent C-Suite specialists all around the world through our worldwide, connected network.

They recently acquired RE•WORK, a premier supplier of deep learning and applied AI events. Since 2013, their events have brought together the most recent technology developments as well as practical examples of how to use AI to solve problems in business and society. The addition of this complementary portfolio of events to Corinium’s portfolio of tech-focused in-person, digital, and hybrid events for data, analytics, and digital innovation-focused executives helps to the company’s quick expansion plan.

Chief Data Officer Perspectives

Corinium empowers senior executives to make faster, more informed decisions and pursue proven routes to success, thanks to their worldwide, linked network. They assist leaders in driving efficiency and innovation through insights, practical tools, professional assistance, and industry connections.

They’ve compiled a plethora of thought-leading ideas via video podcasts, in-depth articles, publications, and interviews on their content platforms: Business of Data and Business of InfoSec.

CISO Sydney 2022

They folks at Corinium have announced that The Hon. Karen Andrews MP, Australian Government Minister for Home Affairs, will offer a Keynote Address at CISO Sydney 2022.

At CISO Sydney 2022, Australia’s senior information security executives responsible for advancing the cybersecurity agenda will share ideas on transformative leadership, raising awareness, taking a holistic approach to cybersecurity, and confidently embracing technology innovation.

By forecasting, avoiding, and responding to criminal assaults, driving change, bridging vulnerability gaps, and breaking through governance complexity, you can successfully secure your organization’s most precious digital assets.

Key Themes for CISO Sydney 2022:

  • CISO: How to Stay Ahead of Your Shifting Role
  • People: Increasing cybersecurity knowledge and culture
  • Identity management: Exploring access control, IAM, PAM, and federated identity
  • Remote work & operations: Embracing the future with confidence
  • Mind the Gap: Using effective incident planning, vulnerability testing, and assessment
  • Governance & Compliance: Getting to the Heart of the Matter
  • Protecting data, apps, and infrastructure on the cloud
  • Supply chain: Managing the risks associated with your digital assets and services
  • Everything you need to know about blockchain for cybersecurity
  • What does IoT security imply for businesses?

5 Reasons To Attend This Event

  1. Learn from the best! Join their incredible lineup of speakers to explore the strategic topics that matter to you and learn innovative approaches to your present problems.
  2. Nothing Beats Meeting in Person. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance to strengthen and meaningfully interact with your colleagues who are pushing Australia’s cybersecurity agenda.
  3. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. CISO Sydney 2022 is jam-packed with panels, fireside talks, solution clinics, interactive discussions, and case studies. Prepare to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty!
  4. All of the Important Topics in One Place– There will be strategic discussions about the future of cyber, how to turn the function into a business growth enabler, resilience, governance, SOCI Act Reform, SASE & Zero Trust, supply chain, risk audit & management, IAM, threat detection, incident response, cloud, culture, social engineering, OT/IT, endpoint, automation, and many other topics…
  5. Reliable Organizers. Over the last 20 months, their knowledgeable hosts have been sincerely devoted to collaborating with you and the industry to raise cybersecurity awareness.

CISO Zero Trust Online ANZ 2022

How are InfoSec executives leveraging Zero Trust to grow their companies and secure their organizations’ borders?

Organizations have been forced to adjust to a new era of remote labor as a result of the epidemic, and cyber risks have followed suit. What are the best-practice Zero Trust security models for your company? What measures do you need to take to bring Zero Trust to your ecosystem?

What are the most recent Identity Management trends, and how can your company use them both internally and for customer success?

Corinium are hosting CISO Zero Trust Online ANZ on the 8th and 9th of March 2022 to help you discover solutions to these – and many more – issues.

The event is part of their CISO series, which attracts thousands of senior information security executives from big and medium businesses. CISO Zero Trust Online ANZ is specifically intended to answer the unique problems you and your team face while putting the plan into action.

Join them for two days of lively conversations on how to properly secure your company’s most important digital assets by implementing a realistic Zero Trust approach, advancing your strategy via risk intelligence, improving your Data Privacy and Security framework, and expanding your business.

It’s your chance to ask experts questions, learn about new technologies, interact with our speakers online, and reconnect with the cybersecurity community.

Chief Information Security Officers East 2022

Corinium has conducted a series of exciting and targeted virtual events for information security executives over the course of the past year. In 2022, we will be expanding that offering to include live events as well as virtual events.

The fact that not everyone’s travel funds or comfort levels have returned to participate in a face-to-face gathering is also acknowledged. This concentrated, senior-level, and wholly digital program is designed to attract the same class of registrants as our local event, but it is held entirely online.

  • Get to know forward-thinking executives from some of the world’s most well-known businesses while learning from them, networking with them, and sharing their expertise.
  • Hear how your colleagues are employing emerging technologies, examine their procedures, and;
  • Discover how to go forward with your own plans by participating in this session.

Corinium Global Intelligence Events in 2022 - 2023

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CISO Zero Trust Online ANZ 2022
Australia | Sydney
March 8, 2022

CISO Sydney 2022
Australia | Sydney
March 22, 2022

Chief Information Security Officers East 2022
United Kingdom | London
April 6, 2022

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