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Data Miner Events in 2022 - 2023

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DevOps Pro Europe 2022
Lithuania | Vilnius
May 24, 2022

TestCon Europe 2022
Lithuania | Vilnius
October 26, 2022

RPA Europe 2022
Lithuania | Vilnius
October 4, 2022

Big Data Minds Europe 2023
Germany | Berlin
February 26, 2023

DevOps Pro Europe 2023
Lithuania | Vilnius
May 23, 2023

CyberWiseCon Europe 2024
Lithuania | Vilnius
May 20, 2024

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DevOps Pro Europe 2022

The annual DevOps Pro Europe conference covers the key ideas and concepts of the DevOps approach and shows how to create, deploy, and manage applications on-premises and in the cloud using the most prevalent DevOps patterns. The DevOps Pro Europe conference focuses on the complete software delivery pipeline, as well as the following areas:

DevOps Approach
Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Configuration Management, Automated Testing, and Deployment

DevOps World Experience
Technology Adoption, Real Life Implementation Examples, Best Practices, and Insights from the Field

DevOps Tools
Docker, Chef, Puppet, PowerShell, Kubernetes, GitHub, Ansible, SaltStack, Capistrano, Jenkins

DevOps Technologies
Virtualization, Containerization, Orchestration, Microservices, Cloud Computing (Google Compute Engine, Azure, OpenStack)

TestCon Europe 2022

TestCon Europe is the premier event for everyone interested in learning about testing trends and best practices and contributing to a better software development cycle and quality.

The event gives a fantastic opportunity to stay current with industry trends, share experiences, discuss and ponder ideas, and profit from networking possibilities.

Test Management, Testing Techniques, and Methodologies, Test Automation, Performance Testing, Testing the Internet of Things (IoT), Testing Metrics, Agile Testing, Test Team Leadership, and Soft Skills are among the subjects covered during the event.

RPA Europe 2022

RPA Europe is a digital cross-industry event committed to delivering accurate insights into advances in Business Process Architecture, Design, Management, and Improvement utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Intelligent Automation approaches and technologies.

The conference and workshops bring together the industry’s top specialists, giving attendees a unique look into the intriguing world of cutting-edge knowledge and technical skills for improved productivity, quality, and customer experience, as well as cost savings.

This year’s RPA Europe will be a hybrid event, with attendees able to attend workshops and listen to speakers both on-site and online. Some of the speakers will offer their expertise in person, while others will do it online. You will, however, be free to engage with them in any way you like! Because the on-site conference will take place under strict hygiene and separation standards, the number of on-site tickets may be limited.

Big Data Minds Europe 2023

At Big Data Minds Europe, you’ll get a taste of Smart Data Analytics and discover the most effective strategies for extracting value from data.

Participate in a roundtable discussion on the ideas of effective data management, data analytics, and data governance; network with data specialists and decision makers; and share your experiences regarding the difficulties and variables that led to the accomplishment of Big Data initiatives. More than one hundred Chief Data Officers, Heads of Data Architecture, Senior Data Engineers, and Directors of Data Analytics come together at Big Data Minds Europe to collaborate, share their experiences, and find the best solutions for making efficient use of data in organizations and enabling true data-driven algorithmic businesses.

CyberWiseCon Europe 2024

CyberWiseCon is a prominent information technology security conference that gathers IT professionals, industry executives, and cybersecurity experts from all around Europe.

Knowledge alone is not enough to protect against cyber attacks in today’s ever-evolving digital ecosystem. They have the ability to stay one step ahead of malevolent actors thanks to the wisdom gathered through experience and collective knowledge.

They celebrate the merging of knowledge and wisdom at CyberWiseCon, which serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas, the sharing of best practices, and the investigation of novel methods in cybersecurity.

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