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Karina Kokina

Dev Talks

The year 2022 will be remembered as the year of transformation.

Organizers are daring to dream and rally their forces around the new subject of AI and Innovation. Humanity has been reimagined.

Their goal is to create an innovative playground for over 8000 developers and IT professionals who will work on engineering, AI, and discoveries that will make our lives easier, as well as go deeper into changing education as we know it and how technology can find cures for diseases that have plagued us for centuries.

Since 2014, DevTalks Romania has built the most powerful network of software developers, connecting the industry’s most significant local and worldwide key players to the newest technological developments and contributing to the industry’s future. DevTalks has become a catalyst for change in the computer sector, as well as Romania’s most sought-after expo-conference for developers and IT professionals. As a result, the DevTalks network has grown to over 40 000 IT professionals and developers from all across Romania and around the world, covering the entire year with excellent content and meetings of the IT community.

DevTalks will continue in 2022, with IT executives, Java Champions, CEOs, Devs, students, and evangelists together to celebrate new technological advancements. More than 100 local and international speakers will join the organizers online for three days of tips, techniques, and innovative tech content, as well as plenty of surprises.

Dev Talks Events in 2022 - 2023

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Dev Talks: AI & Innovation
Romania | Bucharest
June 8, 2022

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