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Karina Kokina

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As enterprises transition to cloud native software engineering, the fundamental ideas and practices of an SRE are rapidly changing. Maintaining highly dependable software systems may be difficult because there are so many moving pieces in the environment, from the application layer through infrastructure and operations requirements. Experts that have adopted new SRE procedures to match today’s expectations will speak at this SKILup Day. This SKILup Day is for you if your job entails maintaining system dependability.

The DevOps Institute is similar to events organized by DevOps Days – something also worth checking out if you’re a DevOps professional.

IT workers have always had to cope with change, but never at the rate at which our present digital transition is occurring. DevOps personnel are expected to learn and apply new technologies at a rate that often exceeds their present capabilities. It’s never been more necessary to brush up on your skills.

DevOps is a collection of methods that bring together software development and IT operations. Its goal is to abbreviate the systems development life cycle and provide high-quality software delivery on a continual basis. DevOps works in tandem with Agile software development, and numerous parts of DevOps are derived from the Agile approach.

Because all DevOps engineers are also software engineers, the entry criteria for both professions are comparable. Because both software engineers and DevOps engineers work on the development side of the SDLC, they share duties including gathering requirements, developing, and testing.

DevOps Institute Events in 2022 - 2023

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SKILup Day: Site Reliability Engineering 2022
United States | Florida, Lehigh Acres
February 17, 2022

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