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Karina Kokina


DFRWS is a non-profit, volunteer group devoted to bringing together everyone who has a legitimate interest in digital forensics to address their field’s rising difficulties. DFRWS sponsors digital forensic conferences, challenges, and worldwide collaboration to assist guide research and progress. DFRWS cybersecurity conferences offer a welcoming environment in which to discuss research papers, practitioner presentations, and works in progress. Every meeting includes technical seminars, demos, discussions, and other breakout sessions on a variety of digital forensics topics. DFRWS’s ultimate purpose is to develop transdisciplinary knowledge co-production that promotes healthy growth in this continuously expanding subject. Many unique discoveries in the discipline may be traced back to publications and breakout sessions at DFRWS conferences. As a result, DFRWS cybersecurity conferences provide not only a picture of the status of the field’s research but also a valuable signpost to the future.

DFRWS Events in 2022 - 2023

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DFRWS Europe 2022
United Kingdom | London
March 28, 2022