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Karina Kokina


Scot-Secure is the biggest yearly cyber security conference in Scotland. Senior InfoSec employees, IT leaders, academics, security researchers, and law enforcement are all expected to attend, creating a unique arena for information sharing, discussion, and high-level networking.

The initiative aims to raise awareness and share best practices by highlighting new threats, new research, and shifting adversary tactics, as well as looking at practical solutions to increase resilience, detection, and response.

The Summit will be a hybrid event, including live sessions at Dynamic Earth with an in-person audience and virtual sessions streaming through the internet.

Data Protection Summit 2022

GDPR marked a watershed moment in data privacy when it went into effect in 2018. After four years, the environment has changed, with the UK government now attempting to update data protection rules after the EU’s withdrawal.

The newest survey, which began in September, includes more than 70 new recommendations aimed at lowering obstacles to innovation and data flow while also strengthening public services. However, the ideas have been criticized for departing from European agreement, raising fears of a deterioration of UK data protection standards.

The DP 2022 Summit will put recent advancements in the data protection sector into context, with frontline practitioners sharing their perspectives on significant trends, problems, and best practices. The ICO will also give an update on regulatory priorities, the Age Appropriate Design Code, and anonymization during the event.

The following are some of the most important conference topics:

  • Data Protection reform
  • Information security and breach notification
  • Databases, mapping, and classification
  • Global data flows and information sharing post Schrems II
  • Anonymisation, pseudonymisation and encryption
  • Impact of emerging technologies: AI, Cloud, Biometrics

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Scot-Secure 2022
United Kingdom | Edinburgh
March 23, 2022

Data Protection Summit 2022
United Kingdom | Edinburgh
March 24, 2022

DIGIT Leader 2022
United Kingdom | Edinburgh
April 28, 2022