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Karina Kokina

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DGI events are created by members of the community of interest or under the guidance of a community advisory group. They represent the communities DGI serves’ current issues and interests.

They’ve been presenting meaningful, helpful knowledge from respected experts and practitioners for more than 20 years. Their duty is to offer a space, stimulate discussion, and manage the logistics of event production.

This frees up community members to concentrate on what matters most: resolving technical issues and advancing the goal forward.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Records Management 2022

Technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has the potential to fundamentally alter how information is tracked by records managers. This could include everything from where data is stored and who has access to what information is contained within it.

During this virtual event, experts will break down these principles and demonstrate how they are being utilized to incorporate the possible advantages to your agency in the planning process. You will walk away with a better grasp of how artificial intelligence and machine learning can enhance your records management program.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Records Management 2022
United States | Virginia, Vienna
May 5, 2022