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Karina Kokina

Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ)

With a global network of more than 138,000 specialists, the Disaster Recovery Journal, DRJ is one of the industry’s greatest resources for business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis communication, and risk management.

DRJ is leading the way in keeping professionals up-to-date and engaged in an ever-changing world, with weekly webinars, digital forensics conferences, the latest industry news, resources, podcasts, an official mentorship program, a quarterly magazine, DRJ Academy, and two yearly live conferences.

Their goal is to provide business continuity professionals with the knowledge, information, and motivation they need to make better decisions about their organization’s overall security. Today, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media.

Clearly, if you’re a digital forensics professional this organization and their events would be ideal to attend.

DRJ offers the in-depth knowledge and technology to guarantee you’re prepared for today’s interruptions and tomorrow’s developing dangers as one of the country’s oldest business continuity services.

The skills you’ll learn at DRJ Events will help you cut down on downtime, improve safety, safeguard your data, and lower your total risk. Learning how to prevent interruptions or respond quickly when they occur will save you time and money.

Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) Events in 2022 - 2023

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Disaster Recovery Journal Spring 2022
United States | Florida, Lake Buena Vista
March 20, 2022

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