Dynatrace Security Conference

Our Resource Dedicated To Dynatrace

Dynatrace, founded in 2005, is a prominent provider of software intelligence that enables enterprises to modernize and automate cloud operations, as well as provide automated application performance management. The company’s headquarters are in Waltham, Massachusetts, and it maintains offices all around the world. Dynatrace, as an international leader in application management, has a significant presence in a variety of industry events, conferences, seminars, and tradeshows.

Perform 2020, Dynatrace’s flagship yearly event is a virtual event taking place on October 5th-8th, 2020. Attendees at Perform 2020 will learn how to use the industry’s premier solution, Dynatrace, to expedite their digital transformation journey and maximize their consumer Digital Experience. Speakers include Fortune 500 executives, Dynatrace executives, customers, and partners.

Throughout the year, Dynatrace also produces and sponsors several industry events. It is a prominent sponsor of the Dell Technologies Forum 2020, which brings together industry leaders to share their knowledge and business solutions with attendees. The event focuses on data protection and security, as well as cloud and infrastructure solutions.

Furthermore, Dynatrace is a Silver Sponsor of the 2020 Application Performance Management Summit in Amsterdam, a three-day event focused on application performance, IT operations, analytics, and other topics. Dynatrace executives, clients, academics, and partners are among the key speakers at this event.

Throughout the year, Dynatrace also offers its webinars and events. They just held a “From Devs to OpsDevOps and SRE Best Practices” webinar. This webinar featured Dynatrace experts and clients discussing DevOps and SRE best practices for software delivery.

Dynatrace customers and partners can attend a variety of courses throughout the year, including “Dynatrace Academy workshops” and “Dynatrace Partner Certification workshops.” The first offers an in-depth and hands-on learning experience on Dynatrace’s product portfolio, while the second focuses on the company’s recently introduced partner certification program.

Finally, Dynatrace supports and sponsors meet-ups, hackathons, industry events, and conferences all over the world. The Korean Open Source Conference (KOSCON) and the Open Source Summit in Japan are two recent sponsored events.

Finally, Dynatrace is a market leader in application management, and it participates in a variety of events, conferences, seminars, and webinars throughout the year. These events are intended to inform consumers and partners about the company’s products, best practices, and industry trends.