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Karina Kokina

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The EAI International Conference on Multimedia Technology and Enhanced Learning (EAI ICMTEL 2022) is being held in response to the success of the previous three conferences, and it is intended to provide a forum for scientific reports and debates on the current state of the art as well as future perspectives of multimedia technologies and enhanced learning.

Graphics, text, video, music, and animation are all examples of interactive computer components that are used to present a piece of information through the use of multimedia. In contrast, enhanced learning is a notion that started in human education and has since grown in scope and importance, particularly in the context of training computers to learn from multimedia data. This conference will not only cover topics relating to human education and learning, but it will also cover methodologies and technology connected to machine learning.

The Organizing and Program committees of EAI ICMTEL 2022 will include 8 IEEE Fellows, 2 ACM Fellows, 3 Fellows of the Royal Society, and 6 Editors-in-Chief, among others. We anticipate that this conference will bring together scientists, engineers, educators, and artificial intelligence experts from both business and academia to exchange their experiences and generate new ideas for the future.


The 8th EAI International Conference on Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems (INISCOM 2022), which will be place in Da Nang, Vietnam on April 21st-22nd, 2022, is open to everyone. Due to the epidemic, the organizers have opted to make this a fully online conference.

The conference’s goal is to discuss, investigate, and share information on the state-of-the-art in AI and 6G Convergence in terms of Models, Technologies, and Applications.

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EAI International Conference on Multimedia Technology and Enhanced Learning (EAI ICMTEL) 2022
United Kingdom | Leicester
April 15, 2022

Vietnam | Da Nang
April 21, 2022