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Karina Kokina


Industrial infrastructure cyber threats are growing increasingly sophisticated.

These are distinct physical dangers that can halt the operation of large organizations or the delivery of critical services to entire areas. We must all be prepared for effective defense, information sharing across entities, and tight coordination – and attending this cybersecurity conference from Poland will help.

The InfraSEC Forum is an ideal venue for meeting and interaction among representatives from various sectors and companies.

They concentrate on the practical elements of cybersecurity, utilizing cutting-edge technology and intelligent solutions.

The conference will follow a tried-and-true format, with a comprehensive look at the concerns of OT infrastructure security, case study sessions, and always highly rated roundtables, allowing for the involvement and active participation of all attendees.

Everyone is invited to the online conference, which will be followed by a live evening gathering for those who are interested!

The event will conclude with a day of optional online sessions for attendees who want to learn more.

The meeting is aimed at managers in charge of security strategies (physical and cyber) in IT, automation, and auditing, as well as critical infrastructure protection, from all companies in the industrial and transmission sector, including utilities, energy, gas, and fuels, as well as large production and processing companies and mining.

CyberGOV 2022

Welcome to CyberGOV 2022, one of the most significant conferences dedicated to public sector IT security! The contemporary period sees a tremendous acceleration of digital transformation processes, including in government, as well as an increasing magnitude of cyber security issues.

CyberGOV is the ideal venue to discuss topics concerning central and local governments’ cyber security. They’ll talk about new legislation and modifications to the Act on National Cyber Security System, the reality of government operations in Poland, the rising significance of the cloud model in maintaining business continuity, and the necessity for state-wide digital backup.

They will also discuss what the Ukrainian conflict has taught us about state cyber and information security.

TechRisk Forum 2022

This year they want to focus on changes in the area of cybersecurity – they know that (cyber) climate changes bring dangerous and surprising changes in the weather. Can we read and evaluate them well? Are our organizations ready for what the weather will be like today?

They will look at the particular emphasis on how we can verify and validate an organization’s level of cyber resilience. Its key feature is flexibility – the ability to quickly adapt to changes. This is due to the enormous amount of work and effort of the entire organization, with particular emphasis on the security departments. It also carries a great burden and stress – cyber resilience must also take into account and balance the human factor with process and tool aspects.

Evention Events in 2022 - 2023

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Infrasec Forum 2022
Poland | Warsaw
February 23, 2022

CyberGOV 2022
Poland | Warsaw
May 25, 2022

TechRisk Forum 2022
Poland | Wroclaw
June 9, 2022

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