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Exhibitions India Group (EIG) is India’s biggest event and conference organizer, to improve chances for businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions to collaborate in meaningful ways that benefit all stakeholders. EIG has evolved into one of the most sought-after exhibition professionals in the Indian market over forty years of steady expansion and growth. EIG is committed to producing numerous conferences and events throughout the year in addition to providing useful services at the forefront of the exhibition sector.

The Print Pack India show, which has been ongoing since 1993, is one of the largest events hosted by EIG. Print Pack India is a must-attend printing and packaging trade exhibition. It is held biennially in even years and brings the best in the business together under one roof for visitors to explore the newest trends and developments in printing and packaging. Furthermore, EIG organizes the China Sourcing Fairs – Electronic Components (CSE), a joint exhibition between the China Chamber of Commerce of Machines and Electronic Products and Focke & Co. The CSE allows Chinese industry and overseas buyers to establish new export and business partnerships.

Throughout the year, EIG also sponsors several seminars and conferences on a variety of themes. The Taj Connemara in Chennai will host a conference titled “Understanding the Dynamics of Smart Homes & Its Automation System” in May 2021. The conference will give participants an insight into the Indian market’s business possibilities for Home Automation, Networks, EDU Technologies, Smart Appliances, Robotics, and other related technologies. It will also go over the obstacles and solutions to implementing these technologies.

The “International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA2021)” will be held in August 2021 and will bring together researchers, mobile robot manufacturers, academics, and industry professionals to discuss the latest developments in robotics as well as methods for developing and delivering autonomous, intelligent, and smart systems. This conference is also co-organized by EIG and the Indian Institute of Technology.

To summarize, EIG is a market leader in the event and exhibition industry, with a solid reputation for producing high-quality events and conferences. EIG organizes new and innovative events ranging from educational seminars to trade exhibits and robotics and automation conferences to encourage better collaboration among stakeholders and offer additional opportunities for everyone concerned. They continue to define the future of the event planning sector in India with their unwavering dedication to excellence.