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Karina Kokina

GDS Group (GDS Summits)

Security executives must be more proactive in order to keep up with the expanding complexity of the Cyberthreat, which includes greater compliance, risk management, and protection. Organizations and departments are attempting to open up and be more responsive to client requirements in a more democratized age, but as the epidemic fades away, security executives will need to strike a cautious balance.

What Should You Expect?

The event included 70 attendees, all of them were senior executives, and it lasted 9 hours.

Why attend this security event?

  • Make new contacts with top executives who share your values.
  • Keep abreast of the latest business developments.
  • Learn about the influence that new technologies may have on projects and how to de-risk new initiatives by acquiring a broad variety of information.
  • Increase the speed of essential initiatives by establishing relevant new collaborations.
  • Takeaways that may be downloaded and implemented

GDS Manufacturing Summit 2022

Predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning (ML) are no longer considered emergent technologies; they are here to stay. In many situations, top executives are still relying on outmoded methods of dealing with new difficulties. The key to success is evolution.

Make sure your strategy is sound by consulting with like-minded industry experts who can provide insight into business-critical difficulties and disruptive technologies, and then work together to move your sector forward jointly.

Why attend?

During this tailored agenda, you will have the opportunity to network with over 70 top manufacturing professionals who will help you tackle your current business essential concerns and move your industry forward.

The summit is intended to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Build new connections with likeminded senior leaders
  • Stay current with emerging business trends
  • Understand the impact new technology can make

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GDS Security Summit (Cyber Threats)
United Kingdom | Bristol
April 6, 2022

GDS Manufacturing Summit 2022
United Kingdom | Bristol
May 10, 2022