Group-IB Security Conference

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Group-IB is an international cybersecurity firm created in 2003 in Moscow, Russia. The company focuses in digital forensics and high-tech crime prevention. Group-IB offers fraud prevention, cybersecurity, risk assessment, data protection, and digital forensics services.

Yandex Anti-Fraud Alliance, Financial Anti-Fraud Alliance (FAA), and Strategic Alliance for Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing (SACTS) are among the international groups that fight financial fraud and digital crimes.

Group-IB hosts a variety of conferences, seminars, and events on cyber security, fraud prevention, risk assessment, and digital forensics every month. One of the most well-known is the Group-IB Security Conference, which is held annually. This event is intended to bring members of the security community together to discuss cybercrime concerns, security policy, and the newest trends in fraud and digital forensic investigation. The conference comprises well-known keynote speakers and is renowned as a forum for sharing information and best practices.

Group-IB also hosts a Digital Fraud Prevention Conference regularly. This program focuses on the most recent risks to financial and IT systems, digital fraud prevention measures, and online security. It is intended to serve as a platform for knowledge sharing and networking.

In addition, the company hosts several regional events. Group-IB organized several events in countries throughout the world in 2020. Their Central Asia conference was held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, in April. This event featured crucial conversations about the importance of cyber security, including digital forensics, fraud prevention, and the battle against cybercrime.

Group-IB also often attends industry events like the RSA Conference, Gitex, and DEFCON. The business provides seminars and discussions on a variety of cybersecurity and digital forensics issues at these events.

Group-IB recently confirmed its participation in the International Cyber Security Conference 2020, which was held in Kyiv, Ukraine, from February 17-20. This event featured panel discussions and lectures by highly regarded personalities in the security sector, and it provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to interact and exchange industry information.

Group-IB is dedicated to being a frontrunner in the fight against digital fraud and cybercrime. The organization provides a platform for security professionals to come together and exchange their knowledge through monthly events and conferences. This emphasis on knowledge sharing and collaboration contributes to a more secure global environment.