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Hack In Bo (HackInBo) Events in 2022 - 2023

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HackInBo Business Edition 2022
Italy | Bologna
May 27, 2022

HackInBo Spring Edition 2022
Italy | Bologna
May 28, 2022

HackInBo Business Edition Spring 2023
Italy | Bologna
June 9, 2023

HackInBo Classic Edition Spring 2023
Italy | Bologna
June 10, 2023

HackInBo Business Edition
Italy | Bologna
November 17, 2023

HackInBo Classic Edition 21st Edition
Italy | Bologna
November 18, 2023

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HackInBo Classic Edition & Business Editions Conferences

Hack In Bo is a series of hacker conferences held in Italy, Bologna.

HackInBo is the largest cybersecurity conference in Italy. The event was founded in 2013 to make up for the lack of an event of this type in Italy.

There is always the opportunity to talk and meet industry experts in a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere, taking the opportunity to stay updated on the latest IT-Security issues.

The event is aimed at business executives, IT managers, systems engineers, enthusiasts, and all those people interested in studying extremely topical topics

HackInBo Business Edition Spring 2023

At the HackInBo Business Edition event, firms have the opportunity to communicate to a very technical audience by presenting two different sessions (but only one will be presented: the one that received the most online votes from the audience in the hall). CISOs and CTOs are the audiences for this event.

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