Hack Red Con Security Conference

Our Resource Dedicated To Hack Red Con

Hack Red Con is a global organization dedicated to motivating and educating its target audience on cutting-edge technology trends and cybersecurity and data security subjects. The organization, which was founded in 2016, brings together professionals, academics, and thought leaders from all around the world on a single conference platform. Hack Red Con combines the industry’s most active and prominent cybersecurity and data security professionals, researchers, academics, and entrepreneurs for their annual conferences to provide a deep dive into global and local cybersecurity and data security themes.

In 2016, the group hosted its first conference in London, UK. Presentations were given by top cybersecurity and data security professionals from organizations such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Scott Charney, Microsoft’s Chief Security Officer, delivered the keynote address, which focused on the current threat landscape and the upcoming cybersecurity issues.

Hack Red Con 2017 was hosted the next year in Washington, D.C., USA. Keynote speakers included Jaimie Rhee, the National Security Council’s Chief Information Security Officer, and Martin Fisher, a Senior Fellow at the EastWest Institute. Their presentations covered cloud security, cyber warfare, and advanced threat protection strategies.

The third Hack Red Con conference, held in Singapore in 2018, captured global attention by providing a comprehensive view of international cyber security concerns in the Southeast Asian region. While Tommy Lai, Chief Technology Officer at UbeSecurity, delivered the keynote presentation, other subjects discussed included cyber resiliency, control system visibility, and cyber deception methods.

The 2019 Hack Red Con event was hosted in Toronto, Canada, and included themes like artificial intelligence in cyber security, deception-based security controls, and resilient infrastructure design. Andras Cser, Vice President and principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and John Harkins, CIO of Magenic Technologies, were among the keynote speakers.

The 2020 conference, which will be hosted in Hong Kong, will address issues such as supply chain security, breach defense measures, and online privacy in Asian enterprises. The speakers will also discuss particular subjects such as 5G security problems and emerging risks to consumer data privacy. Ian Yip, Director of Asia Pacific Security at the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, and Lakmal Seneviratne, Regional Chief Information Security Officer of Huawei Technologies, will be among the keynote speakers.

Hack Red Con remains a powerful organization that promotes cyber security and data security education to its target audience. Hack Red Con is a significant resource for professionals wishing to keep educated on today’s cyber security concerns due to their continual commitment to pushing boundaries and meeting industry experts at their international conferences.