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We also have a page dedicated to HackerOne (the cybersecurity company); this page focuses on their events and conferences.

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Their events in 2022 are aimed at inviting you to joining AWS, GitLab, and HackerOne security professionals to explore incorporating security principles into your DevOps processes.Cybercriminals’ favorite vectors are applications.

However, no one team or method can guarantee the deployment of secure cloud apps.

From code design to unit testing through deployment, teams and tools must collaborate to spot risks early on while keeping the digital product pipeline flowing. Learn how combining HackerOne, GitLab, and AWS can give critical security input early on and lower the risk of exploitation for your cloud apps.

Join Alex Rice, CTO of HackerOne, Jonathan Hunt, VP Security at GitLab, and Aron Eidelman, Partner Solutions Architect at AWS as they discuss:

  • The significance of establishing a continuous testing, monitoring, and feedback process to reduce application risk.
  • How to improve cloud application and dev ops security tools by incorporating ethical hacker experience into your security toolbox
  • Best practices for sharing cloud security skills and responsibilities across teams to reduce exploitability

Closing Security Gaps Across the Cloud and Application Attack Surface

Organizations need a new security approach across their evolving attack surface—one that doesn’t slow down the application development pipeline—due to fast cloud adoption and expedited software development life cycles.

Join ESG analyst Jon Oltsik for a live conversation on study results and lessons learned from CISOs and security engineers about their most effective methods, how they add value to automated technologies, and how they plan to fill security skills shortages.

You’ll have answers to queries like these when you’re done:

  • What are the top three application security concerns for cloud-native development?
  • How come automated security scanning leaves holes in the attack surface?
  • How can ethical hackers, often known as security researchers, improve the efficacy of code scanning?
  • What are the most effective ways for detecting vulnerabilities early on and preventing them from being put to production?

HackerOne Events in 2022 - 2023

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Mitigate Risk in the Cloud with Ethical Hackers and DevOps
United States | California, San Francisco
February 23, 2022

Closing Security Gaps Across the Cloud and Application Attack Surface
United States | California, San Francisco
March 2, 2022