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IEREK Events in 2022 - 2023

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Future Smart Cities 2022
Malaysia | Sepang
November 18, 2022

Disruptive Technologies: Innovations & Interdisciplinary Considerations
United Kingdom | London
October 10, 2023

Future Smart Cities (FSC) – 7th Edition
United Arab Emirates | Dubai
October 14, 2024

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To improve the urban ecosystem, which includes infrastructure, security, manufacturing, transport, healthcare, and government services, smart cities rely on a number of drivers such as information and communication technologies, smart manufacturing, robotics, big data, and artificial intelligence. These drivers are at the heart of a smart city and are what make it a smart city.

The goal is to improve the functionality of the city, which will lead to increased economic growth and an enhanced quality of life for its residents, all of which will be accomplished via the effective use of intelligent and smart technology.

As a result, there is a decrease in the overall consumption of resources, as well as waste and costs. As a result, raising people’s awareness of the benefits of creating smart cities should be promoted and carried out on a global scale. The purpose of this conference is to provide a venue for the exchange of the most recent scientific and technological knowledge about the development of future cities.

Disruptive Technologies: Innovations & Interdisciplinary Considerations 2023

Scholars and researchers will gather for the first Disruptive Technologies Conference to discuss a wide range of topics in the multidisciplinary field of technology, including recent advances in artificial intelligence.

The conference will investigate novel methods of technological integration and discuss the disruptive impact of technological innovation in a variety of fields including education, art, healthcare, transportation, and industrial sectors. The conference will also address technological solutions for environmental health, waste and resource management, and energy efficiency. Participants at this conference will ponder existing problems in the field and discuss potential solutions.

The Disruptive Technologies Conference seeks to empower scientists and researchers by providing them with the opportunity to meet and discuss their perspectives, research, insights, and discoveries in the vast field of technological innovation. The conference aims to provide in-depth coverage of disruptive technologies, which are defined as innovations that disrupt existing market segments and current technological trends. The conference focuses on exploring potential applications of artificial intelligence while bringing to light new ideas about technological innovation. In an age where technology is the primary means of connecting, improving, and achieving, finding new ways to advance and stay current is critical.

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