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Industrial Control System Security (ICSS) Events in 2022 - 2023

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9th Industrial Control System Security (ICSS) Workshop
United States | Texas, Austin
December 12, 2023

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In conjunction with the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC), the ninth Industrial Control System Security (ICSS) Workshop will take place on Tuesday, December 5, 2023. This event is scheduled to take place in the United States. AT&T Conference Center in Austin, Texas will serve as the venue for ACSAC this year.

SCADA, which stands for supervisory control and data acquisition, and ICS, which stands for industrial control systems, monitor and control a broad variety of essential industrial and infrastructure operations. Some of these processes include the treatment of water, the generation and transmission of power, the refinement of oil and gas, and the production of goods. In addition, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is rapidly increasing the interconnection of ICS environments while simultaneously introducing a large number of new dangers. These environments have been highlighted as a primary target for more generic threats (ransomware, for example, CL0p), in addition to more recent customized nation-state threats targeting electric transmission and distribution networks (for example, COSMICENERGY).

The usage of computing devices with limited resources, legacy operating systems, and proprietary software applications, together with the crucial necessity for high availability in SCADA and industrial control systems, limits the applicability of typical information security solutions. This is the case because of the nature of these systems. The purpose of this workshop is to investigate innovative strategies that are both more successful and more efficient in terms of enhancing the security and resilience of key control systems in the face of new threats. We are looking for interesting papers on a variety of topics, including but not limited to the following subject categories:

  • IIoT security
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Emerging threats to ICS
  • Vulnerability analysis and risk management
  • Digital forensics for ICS/PLCs
  • Techniques for engineering high(er) assurance ICSs
  • ICS-oriented cybersecurity education
  • Performance evaluation of security methods and tools in control systems
  • Innovative ICS/SCADA testbed designs
  • Supply chain vulnerabilities and protections
  • Modeling ICS security and resilience properties
  • Technical Paper Submissions

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