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Karina Kokina


Third parties pose a huge threat to cyber security. They widen an organization’s potential attack surface, have fewer severe cyber security procedures in place, and are considered a softer target by cybercriminals.

Despite this danger, many businesses are unaware of the number of third parties to which they are exposed, the nature of the cyber security measures in place with their partners, and their capacity to monitor threats across the whole attack surface.

With this in mind, the Cyber Security Digital Summit: Third-Party Risk Management APAC 2022 will concentrate on the following topics:

  • Identification: ensuring that you are aware of any third-party risks by doing effective asset discovery.
  • Assessment: techniques and tools for evaluating your third-cyber party’s security capabilities
  • Categorization: determining which third parties offer the biggest threat to your cyber security and rating and prioritizing them.
  • Monitoring: identifying and adhering to the required compliance requirements with your third-party providers -Compliance: identifying and adhering to the necessary compliance requirements with your third-party providers.
  • Artificial intelligence: using AI to identify and mitigate third-party risk on a large scale

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Cyber Security Digital Summit: Minimizing Third Party Risk Through Effective Identification, Categorization, Assessment and Monitoring
Singapore | Singapore (City)
June 14, 2022