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Karina Kokina

May Contain Hackers

The “May Contact Hackers” camp is run by and for volunteers from all corners of the international hacker community.

It draws around 3,500 hackers from all over the world.

This event’s key ideals include knowledge exchange, technical development, experimentation, networking with your hacker colleagues, and, of course, hacking!

Hundreds of seminars and activities will be held during the camp.

MCH2022 is a non-profit international outdoor hacker camp/conference that will take place in the Netherlands from July 22nd to July 26th, 2022. GHP, HEU, HIP, HAL, WTH, HAR, OHM, and SHA are the successors of a series of comparable events held every four years: GHP, HEU, HIP, HAL, WTH, HAR, OHM, and SHA. EMF in the United Kingdom and CCC Camp in Germany are both similar events.

May Contain Hackers Events in 2022 - 2023

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May Contain Hackers 2022
Netherlands | Zeewolde
July 22, 2022