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Karina Kokina

Kryptics (MetaVSummit)

METAVSUMMIT is an event that is focused on bringing together Web 3.0 companies (including Blockchain, Metaverse, and NFTs), as well as investors so that these parties are able to form long-term professional connections with one another.

The event is now in the lead for the title of “most targeted investment event for the web 3.0 industry.”

This indicates that METAVSUMMIT places an emphasis on high-quality guests who have been targeted. This is of the utmost importance since it guarantees that all participants, including investors, come to the event with the intention of conducting business with one another.

What Is The METAVSUMMIT Mission?
Their mission may be broken down into two sections.

METAVSUMMIT places a high priority on educating the general public about Web 3.0 and how all of the components that comprise it (such as Blockchain, Virtual Reality, NFTs, and AI) will fundamentally alter the way in which we interact in the years to come. This is the first and most important goal of METAVSUMMIT.

Secondly, they believe it is essential to provide Founders, Investors, and other members of the Web 3.0 sector with a centralized location at which they can meet and network with one another in order to cultivate fruitful professional ties.

  • Meet Hundreds of Dedicated Web 3.0 Engineers, Founders, CEOs, and Investors
  • More Than 100 Web 3.0 Organization’s to Be Present
  • Event Location & Timing: 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM GMT+4, Dubai, UAE
  • Physical Conference: Sept 14-15 2022

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United Arab Emirates | Dubai
September 14, 2022

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