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Montgomery Group Events in 2022 - 2023

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SECUREXPO East Africa 2023
Kenya | Nairobi
March 7, 2023

SECUREXPO West Africa 2023
Nigeria | Lagos
May 9, 2023

Kenya | Nairobi
October 15, 2024
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The Montgomery Group is a research company that has earned a great deal of respect for its expertise in data-driven decision-making and issue solutions. It has garnered an international reputation for its capacity to provide actionable insights by combining quantitative, qualitative, and predictive analytics with strategic foresight. In order to provide a thorough insight into consumer behavior and the impact of various market forces on client operations, the research methodology utilized by the organization blends time-honored survey approaches with cutting-edge technological tools.

SECUREXPO East Africa 2023

Securexpo East Africa is currently in its sixth iteration, and it has garnered a reputation for being the one industry event of the year that security, fire, and safety professionals just cannot afford to miss. Securexpo East Africa is the largest dedicated industry exhibition and conference in Africa, with more than 3,000 attendees, 100 brands exhibiting, and industry-leading educational programs to encourage inspiration and knowledge-sharing. Securexpo East Africa is held in East Africa.

Securexpo East Africa is one of four continental exhibits that bring together professionals in the fields of security, fire, and safety from across the security supply chain. This show is a part of the Securex Brand.

Securex is the most well-known exposition brand in the fire and safety business in Africa. Its sister expos are located in West Africa and South Africa, and together they make Securex the most well-known exhibition brand in Africa.

SECUREXPO West Africa 2023

Securex West Africa gives you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet, network, and conduct business with key industry members from all throughout West Africa and beyond. A crucial chance for you to source new items and benchmark yourself against the industry will be provided by the presence of 150 exhibitors who will be presenting the most recent iterations of their goods and services. In addition, this presents an excellent opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the requirements of your target market and the ways in which those requirements may have evolved.

This cybersecurity conference is taking place in Nigeria.

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