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Netlaw Media is a legal media and events company established in the United Kingdom that provides world-class media, websites, events, exhibits, conferences, and training programs to the legal sectors in the United Kingdom, Europe, and throughout the world. Netlaw Media specializes in presenting the UK’s and Europe’s largest law events, having sold out its last major legal event and hundreds of internet events.

Netlaw Media events, as the market leader in the European legal events market, are known for incorporating a carefully crafted blend of strategy, case studies, interactive workshops, and open discussions to provide legal professionals with a competitive advantage in a constantly evolving and demanding marketplace. Netlaw Media organizes international law events such as ‘The London Legal Expo,’ ‘The British Legal Technology Forum,’ ‘The European Legal Security Forum,’ and ‘The British Legal Technology Awards,’ as well as hosting its online LegalTech Talks series. Netlaw Media, one of the most successful event management companies in the legal industry, provides the services of a dedicated events management team to build, promote, manage, and execute events, conferences, in-house seminars, dinners, and awards ceremonies on behalf of law firms, businesses, and associations. Netlaw Media may also be asked to use its databases, networks, clubs, websites, and advertising channels ways to acquire event audiences on behalf of the customer as an added service.

London Law Expo 2022

On Tuesday, May 24, 2022, the London Law Expo will make its return to the city of London, where it will once again welcome attendees from the fields of legal practice management, technology, and information technology security.

This significant international legal event will be held at 133 Houndsditch in London, and it will comprise four presentation stages, more than thirty and fifty professional speakers, and more than thirty and fifty exhibitors.

At the London Law Expo, a wide variety of concerns, opportunities, and subjects will be discussed to aid legal businesses and law firms in improving their overall performance as well as their levels of profitability and information technology security.

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British Legal Technology Forum 2022
United Kingdom | London
September 13, 2022

London Law Expo 2022
United Kingdom | London
May 24, 2022

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