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Karina Kokina


The Maritime Cyber-Security & Safety Conference 2022 is a one-day strategic event co-hosted by the International Security Forum / ISF and the Norwegian Center for Cybersecurity in Critical Sectors (NORCICS) for the maritime, shipping, ocean freight, and port industries, analyzing the impact of Cyber Security on the industry’s operations and business performance.

The Conference is establishing a one-of-a-kind information exchange and networking platform for the maritime and port industries, where top business, OT, and IT executives will meet, debate, and assess how vital a robust cyber security strategy is to shipping companies and port operations.

Inadvertently, the epidemic has spurred technological adoption in the marine business. At an industry that is increasingly reliant on automation and remote monitoring, the need for strong cyber risk management of vital systems and assets on ships and in ports has never been more pressing.

Furthermore, with the global maritime community facing the bleak prospect of ships and ports being detained if they fail to comply with the new IMO guidelines, cybersecurity is a hot issue dominating industry headlines.

The Maritime Cyber-Security & Safety Conference is divided into three parts:

  • Cyber Risk Management
  • Cyber Security Onboard & Ashore
  • Cyber Security Solutions and Issues for IT & O.T

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Maritime Cyber-Security & Safety Conference 2022
Greece | Athens
April 14, 2022