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Karina Kokina

RANT Community

RANT was founded by researchers, and cybersecurity influencers who wanted to debate certain subjects in a transparent and open manner. End-users were able to benefit from one other’s experiences, stories, and ideas by discussing community-driven subjects during events.

Since then, they’ve grown to tens of thousands of members and presented hundreds of live and virtual events presenting a diverse range of viewpoints. Based in the UK, They’ve assisted everyone from the government to multinational vendors and industry associations in gaining access to this pooled knowledge.

They give a unique opportunity for pragmatic individuals to break through the noise and learn from their colleagues in today’s oversaturated industry. Their members all share one feature in common: a drive to better understand and change cybersecurity. This is reflected in everything they do, from the substance of events to the light-handedness with which they sell ourselves.

The Aviation Hangar 2022

Pen Test Partners and RANT Community are thrilled to be hosting two full days of presentations, debates, networking, food, and drinks for our community located right below the main door of ExCel, in keeping with RANT’s normal during and post-show networking afternoons and nights.

For the duration, we’re taking up a large chunk of The Fox pub, the nearest and only watering place within a stone’s throw of the arena. They’ll have a special center for individuals who want to learn more about Cyber Security and Aviation, network with like-minded people, and relax away from the exhibition floor.

So come down to meet, discuss, network, and enjoy our hospitality (and sit down) with RANT and our proud partner Pen Test Partners, who will be providing hands-on experience with flight simulators, hacking demos, seminars, and much more during the event.

Topics, speakers, and more information on the subject will be announced in the coming weeks, but if you’d want to contribute to the agenda as a speaker or panelist, please let us know!

Ransomware: Are Organisations Overconfident yet Underprepared?

Over the last two years, ransomware has posed an unprecedented danger to enterprises, causing significant harm.

As they operate from a more sophisticated and congested field, cyber adversaries’ tactics and capabilities have evolved at a dizzying pace, embracing double, and even triple, extortion schemes.

It is undeniable that today’s corporate executives are more aware of the ransomware problem. Despite this, recent statistics from industry veterans Crowdstrike – which predicts an 82 percent increase in ransomware-related data thefts by 2021 – and Adarma – which claims that 58 percent of significant UK organizations have been hit by ransomware – are depressing.

Despite this, there is troubling evidence of a disconnect between the 96 percent of businesses that say they are confident in their ability to defend against ransomware attacks and the reality of increased assault likelihood and actual breaches on the ground.

With a quarter of major corporations admitting they don’t even have a cyber incident response strategy in place, we wonder if today’s businesses are dangerously overconfident while also being woefully underprepared.

Furthermore, with two-thirds of the corporations attacked in the UK confessing to paying a ransom, we wonder if this confirms that payment as a solution – despite its numerous ethical and financial ramifications – has become standard practice.

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The Aviation Hangar 2022
United Kingdom | London
June 21, 2022

Ransomware: Are Organisations Overconfident yet Underprepared?
United Kingdom | London
March 30, 2022