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ReWork is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring change and supporting entrepreneurship in a variety of intriguing fields. ReWork’s events, conferences, and seminars aim to bring together business owners and executives to exchange ideas, solutions, and practices, as well as to expand their knowledge and ability for future success.

The annual Summit, which has become a fixture of the organization’s event calendar, is ReWork’s most visible event. The Summit, which takes place in cities around the United States and Europe, includes keynote addresses from some of the most prominent business figures, as well as panel discussions, workshops, and roundtable talks with industry executives. Speakers at the 2019 ReWork Summit included Microsoft Chief Evangelist Steven Guggenheimer, Apple SVP Jennifer Bailey, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab director Michael Watkins, and many other high-profile guests.

In addition to the Summit, ReWork sponsors several other conferences that investigate various business sectors such as AI, digital transformation, robotics, and cloud computing. These events are intended to provide insights into the technical and commercial elements of these sectors, as well as practical guidance that can assist business owners in overcoming the obstacles of today’s market.

The AI Summit, for example, is hosted yearly in Amsterdam and contains speeches and workshops from renowned AI experts that examine the technology’s applicability in many industries. The AI Startup Arena, which will showcase a variety of firms delivering product demos and conversations, will be added to the event in 2020.

ReWork also holds frequent seminars to provide business owners and executives with the most up-to-date information and insights on issues such as workplace transformation, digital branding, and customer experience. These courses aim to provide attendees with useful insight and practical knowledge to help them succeed in today’s corporate world.

Finally, ReWork conducts events and webinars throughout the year, providing chances for discussion, learning, and networking across a variety of industries. For example, the ReWork Networking Events give a forum for attendees to discuss best practices and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals, whilst the webinars provide a more engaging virtual experience, allowing attendees to ask questions and communicate directly with the speakers.

Overall, ReWork equips business owners and executives with the knowledge, tools, and direction they need to succeed in today’s business environment. ReWork aims to inspire its guests to have a meaningful and lasting effect on the world by encouraging open discourse among industry professionals and entrepreneurs.