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Karina Kokina

S4X Events (Digital Bond)

S4x20 brought together 719 of the world’s top minds in OT and ICS security. Covid was responsible for S4x21’s loss, and Omicron was responsible for S4x22’s delay. S4x22 is making a triumphant return, larger and better than ever.

S4x22 takes place over three days in three segments. Of sure, the information will be cutting-edge and excellent. The organizers are well aware of the importance of mingling with your fellow guests.

This is an opportunity to meet and re-establish relationships with some of the greatest in the world who are driving change in our community will be provided via the Welcome Party, Cabana Sessions, Craft Beer Bash, bright and warm surroundings, Pwn2Own, and ICSsec events.

S4X Events (Digital Bond) Events in 2022 - 2023

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United States | Florida, Miami
April 19, 2022