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Karina Kokina


The Utah Security Advisory and Incident Network Team (often known as “UtahSAINT”) hosts the annual SAINTCON cyber-security conference.

This gathering is a conference for IT and cyber-security professionals that place a strong emphasis on discussions on cyber-security issues.

Since its inception in 2001, this conference has been moved to several locations around the state of Utah. This gathering was once known as the UtahSAINT Conference; however, in 2013, it was rebranded so that it would be easier to recognize and so that it could thrive on its own.

What can you expect to happen during SAINTCON?
Even though the majority of attendees are there to take in the Presentations and Training, we are constantly looking for new ways to spice up the event and include even more activities. Even if the lectures are excellent, we offer a diverse experience that gives guests the opportunity to concentrate on the topics that are of greatest interest to them.

A significant portion of SAINTCON is devoted to various competitions and games. A substantial number of attendees spend the entirety of the conference (as well as their time at their hotels) participating in the Hackers Challenge game. The Hackers Challenge was first designed to give guests “Something else to do” during lectures that weren’t very engaging; nevertheless, the game has now evolved into a skill-intensive competition that many attendees look forward to participating in.

SAINTCON Events in 2022 - 2023

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United States | Utah, Provo
October 25, 2022

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