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Karina Kokina


Nowadays, digital forensics investigations cannot be conducted without taking into consideration the big data paradigm. Because of the rising storage capacity of data media, obtaining a forensic copy of confiscated data mediums already takes several hours. As well as the evidence identification procedure, associated data pretreatment and analysis as well as linking and reporting are all time-consuming laboratory analytical stages that must be completed.

These procedures must be followed for each and every physical equipment that is inspected in a criminal investigation. Conventional digital forensics data pretreatment and analysis methodologies are unable to cope with the increasing diversity, unpredictability, volume, and velocity of case data in today’s world of information.

Because of this, proactive measures must be created and integrated into daily law enforcement operations in order to detect and prevent criminal behaviors from taking place in data-intensive environments on a timely basis.

As a result, enhanced big data analytics are required to assist in cyber crime investigations, which necessitates the development of unique ways for automated analysis. This workshop is being held in order to bring together latest developments in big data analysis in order to help in the current issues in cybercrime investigations and prosecutions.

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The 6th International Workshop on Big Data Analytic for Cyber Crime Investigation and Prevention
Japan | Osaka
December 12, 2022

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