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Snowflake Events is a dynamic special event company dedicated to increasing the visibility of businesses and enterprises in the live events market. Snowflake Events, founded in 2002, has grown to become a global leader in the planning, execution, and promotion of events of all sizes, from huge conferences to smaller corporate seminars and much more. The company’s motto is “At Snowflake, we always take on the challenge to make your event one of a kind.”

The World Data Science Conference (WDSC), an annual event that brings together the greatest data science specialists from across the world to discuss the most advanced research and methodologies in data science, is one of their trademark events. The 2020 edition, held in San Francisco in November 2020, had a stellar lineup of keynote speakers, including famous data scientists Grace Ng, Ed Talyor, and Dan Fleischman.

In addition to the WDSC, Snowflake Events provides its clients with a variety of personalized and one-of-a-kind events. They offer full-service event planning, including venue selection, registration, on-site logistics, and marketing initiatives. The International Blockchain Forum, which hosted its first conference in May 2019, and the Women in Data Science Summit, which took place in July 2019 in Seattle, are two examples. These events provided attendees with the opportunity to hear from expert speakers and network with professionals in their respective fields.

Snowflake Events also develops exclusive events, such as the Data Science Innovation Summit, to serve as platforms for their customers’ industry visibility. Snowflake Events, for example, produced a series of seminars, workshops, and keynotes emphasizing breakthrough ideas in data science from famous innovators such as Joe Rogan and Maggie Durazzo at the 2019 Data Science Innovation Summit.

Overall, Snowflake Events offers full event planning services with a focus on providing clients with unique and engaging experiences. Their dedication to producing unforgettable events has propelled them to the forefront of the events sector worldwide.