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Karina Kokina

SonicWall (Events & Webinars)

We also have a page dedicated to the Cybersecurity company: SonicWall.

This resource will list out the security events and webinars that are either submitted to us for inclusion in our directory or that we are able to procure.

This webinar, hosted by Simon Wikberg, a SonicWall Cybersecurity Expert, will look at how cybercriminals are using the software-as-a-service business model to create a fast rising “hacker economy.” It will also address emerging trends, how to establish the MaaS/RaaS business model, and what you can do to defend your organization, as well as a deep dive into the business data underpinning MaaS and previously found cases.

Hacking is the act of detecting and exploiting security flaws in a computer system or network in order to obtain access to personal or company data. Businesses must safeguard themselves from such threats.

If a hacker can find a danger or a flaw in software, they are frequently rewarded with money and placed on a hacking leaderboard. Although many hackers who seek for bug bounties make some additional money on the side, not every hacker should expect to make a fortune.

SonicWall (Events & Webinars) Events in 2022 - 2023

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The Rise of Malware as a Service
United States | California, Milpitas
February 21, 2022