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T2.FI Events in 2022 - 2023

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T2.FI 2022
Finland | Helsinki
May 5, 2022

T2.FI 2023
Finland | Helsinki
May 4, 2023

T2.FI 2023 (t2 InfoSec Conference 2024)
Finland | Helsinki
April 18, 2024
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t2 was founded at a time when there was a demand for a conference “for hackers by hackers,” as there was no independent, technically oriented information security conference in Finland.

t2’s aim has remained consistent from its inception: to be an annual conference dedicated to anyone interested in the technical aspects of information security. t2 provides the possibility to publish fresh research and ideas, as well as network, with the latter being an essential component of its ideology.

Today’s worldwide cyber security sector is teeming with events of all sizes, commercial and independent, open and invite-only, inclusive and exclusive. Over 15 years have passed since the birth of t2 – based on the founder’s visits to cons and security events all over the world, the need for small independent high-quality events stressing networking is as strong as ever.

That is their ethos, and they intend to nurture t2 like they would a beautiful wine of a good vintage. 99 guests, a cheerful and inclusive ambiance, and a planned program to accommodate coffee-break talks.

“t2 has always had that commitment to technical excellence. .. Conferences, they may start like this, but they don’t always end up like this.”
— John Lambert (t2’19 keynote)

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