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Nordic IT Security 2023
Sweden | Stockholm
May 25, 2023

Nordic IT Security 2024
Sweden | Stockholm
May 23, 2024

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Over the course of more than 15 years, Nordic IT Security Forum, based in Sweden, has established itself as a reliable brand in the realm of cyber security as well as the corporate sector in general. A well-known and very prominent cyber security trend prediction and commercial meeting in Scandinavia, has functioned as a cybersecurity nexus for the Nordic region.

The organization is dedicated to putting you in contact with the most experienced and well-informed individuals in the field of cybersecurity and to guiding you through the steps necessary to reach the cutting edge of technology that will assist you in staying one step ahead of your potential cyberattacks. Our primary focus is on offering you valuable networking opportunities that never fail to produce timely and relevant information on emerging cybersecurity trends.

Nordic IT Security is the Nordics’ most technical and relevant information security event. Finance and banking are among the most affected industries, along with manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, transportation, and energy. Governments and other public sectors are chronically underfunded, and they lack the necessary competence to deal with the current situation.

Following the online event on day two, they will conduct a live roundtable discussion meeting with up to 50 CISOs by invitation only.

Nordic IT Security Conference

With its renowned speakers and partners, the Nordic IT Security cyber security event has been around for 15 years, functioning as a steering wheel for navigation via Nordic’s “cybersecurity watch-out” system.

This cybersecurity conference provides a forum for seasoned industry leaders to gather and discuss cutting-edge technologies aimed at securing all areas of the online global community in the twenty-first century. According to their data, the vast majority of enterprises and companies across all industries are likely facing the same or comparable pain points, therefore the team encourages you to meet in Stockholm on May 25th to explore the core causes of these issues and discover solutions.

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