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The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is a public research university in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark, just north of Copenhagen. DTU, founded in 1829, is one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious technological universities. Since its foundation, the University has earned a name for itself in the fields of engineering and science in particular, with a diverse faculty that includes some of the country’s most notable research scientists and engineers.

DTU’s numerous events, conferences, and seminars aim to bring together and inform the community at large. DTU is well-known for its annual student-run Engineering Summit and its other branch events, which include some of the world’s top engineering specialists.

The Engineering Summit is DTU’s major yearly event, held each May and June. The summit allows students to engage and interact with other students who share their interests, as well as participate in a range of discussions, speeches, and workshops. Renewable energy to nano- and micro-engineering are among the themes covered. Keynote speakers are often prominent academics and entrepreneurs in their fields, as well as renowned alumni. Among previous speakers have been LeapFrog CEO Bill Gross, among many others.

Another notable event organized by the university is the DTU Innovation Summit. This event, which is usually held in September, aims to bring together specialists in the field of innovation in all areas of engineering, technology, and science. The event includes a multitude of seminars, panels, and speeches, and keynote speakers from both emerging and experienced innovators are invited. Casper Sorensen, co-founder and CTO of GoCardless, and Jrgen Lfberg, co-founder and CEO of Falcon Social, are two recent keynote speakers invited to the summit.

The Green Solutions Lab (GSL) is a DTU program that brings together students, entrepreneurs, businesses, and professionals from all over the world to work on sustainable development. The GSL provides a venue for participants to collaborate on long-term innovative solutions to environmental and sustainability concerns. Former United States Vice President Al Gore and former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, among others, have spoken at GSL events, seminars, and conferences in the past.

In addition to DTU’s regular events, conferences, and seminars, various extra events are held throughout the year. The DTU Science Festival is an annual event conducted in August where attendees can immerse themselves in some of the university’s greatest cutting-edge research from its many departments. Throughout the year, the site also hosts several other conferences, including the Eurographics Conference and the International Supercomputing Conference.