Walmart Global Tech Security Conference

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Walmart Global Tech is the world’s largest retailer’s leading technology organization. This company is in charge of Walmart’s global IT operations, which include strategic planning, technology deployment, and business process optimization.

Walmart Global Tech, the world’s top technology group, hosts frequent seminars and conferences to discuss and share new technology projects and breakthroughs. Walmart Global Tech’s most recent conference, Walmart Tech Immersion, was place in Phoenix, Arizona in October 2018. During this three-day event, leaders from Walmart’s leading technology groups, including Walmart Global Tech, talked about themes relevant to retail advancements as well as the difficulties and possibilities the retail industry faces. Aarthi Ramamurthy, Walmart’s Chief Technology Officer, Matt Jakuc, Vice President of Global Experiences and Connected Commerce, and Todd Michaud, Senior Director of E-commerce Platforms Architecture, were among the speakers.

In May 2018, Walmart Global Tech hosted its first-ever Global Labs Summit in Bentonville, Arkansas. During this three-day event, Walmart’s global technology leaders and executives got the opportunity to share news and innovation strategies. Attendees got the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and participate in interactive activities ranging from machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to robotics, computer vision, and blockchain. Keynote speakers included Walmart’s Chief Data Officer, Emily Freese, Vice President of Commerce Platform Experience, and Marc Lore, Chief Executive Officer of Walmart e-Commerce US.

Walmart Global Tech participates in external events in addition to hosting them. Walmart Global Tech participated at the Forbes Reinventing Business Summit in New York City in October 2018. During the conference, key executives from Walmart Global Tech discussed the newest retail trends and technology, as well as the impact of big data and AI on the sector. The team also demonstrated Walmart’s cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) technology and explained its usefulness in engaging customers.

Walmart Global Tech is also a key sponsor of GeekWire’s annual Cloud Tech Summit in Seattle. The two-day event showcases industry leaders in the cloud computing area, allowing guests to receive insight into new technology breakthroughs and network with peers. Walmart Global Tech has prominently sponsored the “Walmart Global Tech Fireside Chat,” a gathering of technology experts for a panel discussion on how the retail industry is innovating for the future.

Walmart Global Tech events and conferences provide the ideal setting for networking, collaboration, and sharing insights on the latest trends and technology breakthroughs. Warren Cash, Walmart’s Senior Vice President of Global Technology Infrastructure, recently stated of Walmart Global Tech events, “The Walmart Global Tech initiatives are helping to drive innovation, develop products faster, and redefine the future of retail.” We look forward to expanding our footprint in the tech industry and revealing even more technological innovations in the future.”