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The World Litigation Forum is a renowned worldwide legal group dedicated to providing civil and commercial litigation education, training, and research around the world. To develop a culture of legal dialogue and knowledge exchange, they host conferences, events, and seminars in major cities throughout the world and partner with local governments and legal groups.

The World Litigation Forum sponsored a highly successful series of conferences in 2020 that focused on the intersection of intensive litigation study, advanced technology, and diversity and inclusion. The series took place in five locations across four continents: New York City, Tokyo, Singapore, London, and Sao Paulo. Each conference provided an in-depth examination of the legal methods as well as the various viewpoints required to manage modern-day litigation. Chief Justice P.R. Gildersleeve, speaking on behalf of the International Litigation Institute, and Michael Pigman, President of the International Society of Judges and Lawyers, were among the notable keynote speakers.

The World Litigation Forum is an international law leader that hosts the World Litigation Forum Global Conference each year. The 2021 Global Conference will be place in London from January 24th to January 27th, 2021. Attendees of the conference will be able to learn from keynote speakers and participate in networking and thought exchange sessions over four days. This year’s keynote speakers include Chief Justice Sarah Kramer of the Supreme Court of England and Wales and Dr. Lucas Stanislaw, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner.

The World Litigation Forum also hosts an annual series of regional conferences with cutting-edge subjects and regional specialists. Lawyers, academics, legal professionals, and students are welcome to attend these conferences. The 2021 Asian Regional Conference, for example, was held in Hong Kong, with keynote speakers including Taiwan’s Minister of Justice and Hong Kong’s Chief Justice. Additional legal themes pertinent to the Asian region were also covered at the event, including financial and investor rights, data protection, business disputes, and environmental and employment rights.

In addition to these conferences, the World Litigation Forum hosts smaller, more intimate events such as Fireside Conversations with top legal experts in cafés and hotels. The goal of these gatherings is to share experiences, spark debate, and develop connections.

The World Litigation Forum is a pioneer in international legal education, hosting a variety of events around the world to help people comprehend the complexity of modern litigation. Attending one of their conferences or events is an excellent method for legal professionals to stay current on international law developments while networking with peers and legal experts from across the world.