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The World Summit AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) organization that was founded with a single goal in mind: to bring together the world’s finest leaders, inventors, and researchers in the field of AI. The group primarily organizes conferences and events to educate and inform the public on the possibilities of artificial intelligence, as well as to investigate its ethical implications.

From October 9-11, 2018, World Summit AI held its first major event in the Netherlands. The inaugural event drew over 4,000 people and featured keynote speakers such as Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, and Henk van Ess, the founder of Amsterdam-based AI business Digital Reshaper. The Hague was also named a “Global AI & Robotics Hub” at the occasion, recognizing the city as a global leader in AI development.

The World Summit AI hosted two events the following year. The first, AI Expo Europe, took place in Madrid some months before the conference in Amsterdam. The Expo was developed to link businesses with AI startups to address the difficulties and challenges provided by digital transformation. Attendees were allowed to engage in panel discussions, and workshops, and network with potential partners.

World Summit AI held its premier global summit a few months later, this time in London. The event lasted three days and attracted around 5,000 people. Speakers discussed everything from ethics and safety to military applications and the “fourth industrial revolution” here. The summit featured notable keynote speakers such as Ani Slabova, Co-Founder of DeepMind, Alphabet Inc’s UK-based AI lab, and Fei-Fei Li, former Google AI Chief and now Chief Scientist for AI and Machine Learning at Google Cloud.

World Summit AI will return to London this year for its 5th Global Summit. It will be the largest iteration ever, taking place October 15-17th, with an estimated attendance of 8-10,000 people. Tickets for the event have been selling swiftly, and the keynote speaker has been revealed as Bloomberg’s COO, Brynne Kennedy. In addition, the organization is introducing the new World Summit AI Awards, an endeavor to reward the world’s greatest AI applications.

World Summit AI is at the forefront of AI progress, hosting events and facilitating discussions on the ethical implications of this powerful technology. As the organization grows, so do its events, which allow industry experts and members of the general public to explore the possibilities of AI.