HITCON2015 (Hack in Taiwan Conference XI, 2015)

August 24th, 2015

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HITCON2015 (Hack in Taiwan Conference XI, 2015)

August 24th, 2015 - August 29th, 2015

InfoSec Conference Summary

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In the past eleven years, HITCON has stepped from a hundred people to become an annual event for thousands of people; from a seminar to a full week of activities. We believe that such achievements not only represent the efforts of the HITCON team, but also symbolize the awakening of Taiwan in the field of security. For a long time, “hacker” is a mysterious synonym, but in recent years, the word hacker and the spirit it represents have gradually got rid of stigma. The Taiwan hacker team has also begun to open its popularity in the international arena. Through HITCON, we hope that It can encourage hackers to stand on the same line with everyone, increase public understanding of hacking technology, and awaken more people’s attention to information security. This year’s HITCON 2015 has undergone a bigger transformation. Following the expansion of the HITCON Enterprise / Playground double-session seminar last year, this year, the Playground officially changed its name to Community (CMT), hoping to maintain the HITCON tradition and grow with the domestic and international security community. Taiwan has always been the most exciting area for the development of various information communities. The Zi’an community is no exception. To promote the inheritance of the community, this year’s conference also set up a community-specific agenda to encourage communities to stand on the HITCON stage. Achievements and promotion of their own spirit. We expect HITCON CMT to make the seminar no longer just a seminar, but a multi-faceted charity carnival. Therefore, in addition to the wonderful technical agenda this year, we also plan a series of security-related activities, such as responding to the annual spindle. Security of Things, the special equipment Wargame, and the Hack2Own competition, the wonderful prizes, etc., make every friend who is interested in security, whether it is an expert hacker or a beginner, can gain something in this event. Have a good time. In addition, HITCON has always spared no effort in the education and talent cultivation. Since the HITCON CTF team won the second place in the US DEFCON last year, the domestic CTF competition boom has been continuously extended, so that beginners can enter the world of CTF competition more quickly. This year, the conference also arranged the CTF related agenda. The CTF team from home and abroad came to share valuable experience and hoped to discover more outstanding Taiwan CTF teams. HITCON is not only a host team, but a national security event. Welcome to the hackers, who are passionate about Zi’an, and who want to invest in the security industry, join us and let us move forward together for the next decade!

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