November 19th, 2015

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November 19th, 2015 - November 21st, 2015

InfoSec Conference Summary

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NoSuchCon is a three-days-long conference set up by volunteer members through a non-profit organization. The project is the offspring of well-known people of the cybercommunity, people used to international IT security conferences and, up-until-then, of organizers of Hackito Ergo Sum. Each member of the organization is, in a variety of projects, part of the international cybercommunity. The organizing team is moved by the ambition of gathering the best researchers in ethical hacking and IT security, of sharing innovation, inform and transmit knowledge with the final goal of stepping up the technical level of the community. NoSuchCon presents new and exclusive contents regarding IT security. The conference is a crucible for different IT security experts coming in different flavours: professionals, enthousiasts, hackers ; renowned or more secretive. NoSuchCon conference allows to share best practices ; let new tendencies and exclusive research appear, anticipating the challenges to come. NoSuchCon is a place for both well-known, top-guns of the cybercommunity, as well as young talented researchers at the dawn of their careers or others presenting their results anonymously. NoSuchCon pursues multiple goals but mostly wants to foster exchange, federating different communities such as students, key actors of the industry, private and public sectors. It also wants to make room for practical demonstrations as well as innovative theoretical findings. Among the themes of interest will be: vulnerabilities assessments and analysis, SCADA architectures, reverse engineering, attacks on critical infrastructures, Cloud computing security, botnets, Threat Intelligence, etc. The program committee comprizes some of the best hackers and security researchers worldwide, from both academics and industry, which is a key factor to guarantee quality content. It will be uniquely diverse in its international composition. Bridging over frontiers and sovereignty issues, ideological and economical differences, the program committee looks for people able to share their research findings and propose new concepts.

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