Past Cybersecurity Conferences 2018

Welcome to the InfoSec Community's favorite Cybersecurity Conference Directory! We list every major global IT Security Event taking place in 2018.

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Why are there no 2018 events on this page?

This page will list past Cybersecurity Conferences of 2018, and since January 2018 has not yet finished we have no events to list here.

To see every upcoming conferences, security events and InfoSec seminars throughout 2018 please follow this link.

How does our directory work?

Our homepage lists all upcoming conference whilst this page lists all past 2018 events. The reason we do this is to try and reduce the overall size of our homepage. If we didn’t do this then the homepage ends up being a gigantic resource!

We list literally every type of Cybersecurity Conference that you can think of. Most of the events that we list take place in the USA (with the majority being on the East Coast) and in Europe, with the greater number taking place in London.

Washington DC, London and New York seem to have the most amount of Cybersecurity Conferences.

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