3rd Party Risk – Have you got it covered?

September 12, 2018

Brisbane, Australia

09/12/2018 09:00 Australia/Perth Cybersecurity Conference: 3rd Party Risk – Have you got it covered? For more info, please visit: https://infosec-conferences.com/events-in-2018/3rd-party-risk/ Brisbane, Australia

Conference Description (submitted by organizer)

Brisbane Riskers, this is what you’ve been patiently waiting for! Our inaugural Cyber Risk Meetup is coming on September 12th. We have some awesome presenters, an exclusive location and some important lessons to be shared. Our session will be informative, insightful and leave you looking forward to our regular events.

We’ve all heard about the confusion and concern created earlier this year when one of Australia’s largest Global SaaS providers, PageUp, released details of a suspected breach of its platform. Some of the Australia’s largest employers needed to enact their incident response plans, communicate about a data breach they scarcely understood and answer questions from employees and job-candidates they probably weren’t informed enough to answer. Our first Cyber Risk Meetup will explore how the risks associated with 3rd party business partners and suppliers can be managed.

With the help of two great speakers and an expert panel we’ll uncover the tips and tricks of great 3rd Party Risk Management practice. Come join your peers to explore the lessons they’ve learnt from Australia’s first high profile privacy breach since the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme came into effect.