BlockYard Conference 2018

April 13, 2018

Gdańsk, Poland

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04/13/2018 09:00 Cybersecurity Conference: BlockYard Conference 2018 For more info, please visit: Gdańsk, Poland

Conference Description (submitted by organizer)

BlockYard is an international gathering of people interested in broadly defined blockchain technology: developers, startups, FinTech specialists, miners, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and others.

We will talk about earning money from mining, making smart investments in blockchain-based projects, as well as the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general.
The conference aims to open a space for free exchange of information and experience, as well as for building contacts between individuals and organizations variously involved with distributed consensus networks.

BlockYard is directed at both veteran blockchain aficionados and complete beginners taking their very first steps in the field.

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