Free and Safe in Cyberspace

May 4, 2018

Berlin, Germany

05/04/2018 09:00 Cybersecurity Conference: Free and Safe in Cyberspace For more info, please visit: Berlin, Germany

Conference Description (submitted by organizer)

Are meaningful personal freedom and effective public safety in cyberspace an “either-or” choice? Are they not instead a “both-or-neither” solvable open challenge that can spur wide economic development?

After 4 international Editions – twice in Brussels, and once in New York and Brazil – Free and Safe in Cyberspace is coming to Berlin to launch a new digital renaissance, by turning cybersecurity and AI from huge threats to huge opportunities, for a few leading nations, regions, enterprise and banks.
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Even the most secure IT systems are increasingly hackable by mid-level attackers. This is due to hyper-complexity and to the fact powerful nations are unable to keep for themselves the vulnerabilities and (symmetric) backdoors they insert and stockpile.

Can new cybersecurity standards, certifications and compliant open comprehensive ecosystems – that are radically trustless and uncompromising, and complementary to ENISA, SOGIS and eIDAS initiatives – deliver both of freedom and safety in critical IT and AI and, therefore become the basis of vast economic advantage and ethical stewardship leadership for a group of pioneering nations, regions, enterprises and banks?

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