Oklahoma State University Cyber Security Conference

May 3, 2018

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

05/03/2018 09:00 Cybersecurity Conference: Oklahoma State University Cyber Security Conference For more info, please visit: https://infosec-conferences.com/events-in-2018/oklahoma-state-university-cyber-security-conference/ Oklahoma City, United States

Conference Description (submitted by organizer)

With the increasing risk and sophistication of cyber attacks, there is a continuous need to adapt your business strategy to protect sensitive business and personal information. This inaugural Cyber Security Conference brings national and international experts to the state and is sponsored by the Management Science and Information Systems Department and the Center for Executive and Professional Development, Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University.

Learn from the experts and take advantage of questions and answers and networking to develop new ideas and get the information you need to address cyber security including how to:
– understand the risks your organization faces
– define the nature and motivation of different threats—fraud, theft,
– extortion, national security, terrorism
– develop a cyber security strategy for your business.

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